Linda Vista program helped family in need

by | May 6, 2014 | Graduates | 0 comments

By Virginia Burroughs, Daytona News

Aisha Ford, a junior majoring in film studies at Wright State University, has a life story to tell that she isn’t afraid to share.

She’s spoken out for Linda Vista, a program for women and children victimized by abuse that helped her family transition from homelessness, and may turn her story into a documentary.

Born in Cincinnati, Aisha was left with her siblings and father while still in grade school when her mother — who had custody of the children — moved to Dayton. “Our dad was abusive to Mom, so she left,” said Aisha.

Homeless, she went to the Dayton YWCA’s shelter for abused women. “She also had a drug problem, and the shelter made her deal with that and got her into a program.”

Counselors at the Y also introduced her mother to Linda Vista, which provides long-term housing and multifaceted services.


This has been a difficult time for The Linda Vista as our country and community attempt to return to normal many nonprofits like Linda Vista have experienced a decrease in funding. During this most difficult time, we have served 25 women and children and have reunited families.

During Covid 19 we provided most of our services 1:1 to ensure the safety of our families and this includes weekly therapy sessions.

Thank you in advance for your support.