Real Life Tools

Our life empowering tools are on-site groups that help women improve in the following areas: social skills, parenting responsibility, job readiness, education wellness, and money management.

Social Skills

Group that focuses on standard social skills such as communication skills and conflict resolution, skills to help a person become more socially competent.


Group designed to provide necessary education and information about parenting, securing child care and how to balance working with family responsibility, and discipline techniques.

Job Readiness

Each participant is referred to Dayton Urban League for their job readiness program. This covers conflict resolution in the workplace, necessary skills to retain a job. Instructions on getting to work on time, understanding standard procedures during the first few days on the job, and wearing proper attire can assist participants in getting off on the right foot on the job.


Participants are referred to local organizations that assist them with GED preparation. Higher education is also encouraged.


Group designed to assist with changing attitudes and motivation to bring about positive future outlooks. Provides training on maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Setting personal boundaries and exercise.

Money Management

Group is designed to change mindset of poverty to self-sufficiency by proper management of a budget. Money management topics include priorities on spending, staying out of debt, protecting your credit.

Real-Life Tools run through a system of a network of volunteers. These participating volunteers are:

  1. The Dayton Urban League
  2. Ohio State University Extension Program
  3. Combined Health District
  4. AA/NA
  5. Dayton Public Schools Homeless Liaison
  6. Other Civic Organizations
  7. Local Businesses
  8. Local Professionals